Kecintaan kami terhadap Bumi dan Anak- anak membuat kami menjalankan Program KacaRuma Peduli pada tahun 2019. Di program ini, KacaRuma berkomitmen memberikan sumbangsih kepada Bumi & Lingkungan sebagai Rumah dan sumber kehidupan bagi semua makhluk hidup. Tak luput anak- anak yang putus sekolah juga menjadi perhatian KacaRuma. Anak- anak sebagai generasi penerus bangsa dan pembangunan di Indonesia khususnya merupakan salah satu investasi yang perlu mendapat perhatian khusus.

KacaRuma Peduli 2019


  1. What a great job BuildWall does! Except their excellent services they take active social position and help children! I appreciate such lifestyle and attitide to work. I hope they will organize more and more charity events and support our youth.

    1. I totally agree with you! I know BuildWall as a great construction company. And now I am pleasantly surprised with their charity experience! I – as a regular client – am very impressed. Thank you!

  2. Such charity campaigns should be regular. I consider these events attract people’s attention to different problems. And BuildWall is the company who indeed cares. I am looking forward to hear about new campaigns and events!

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